Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebration Brownies

About a month ago we had a tornado cause damage in our back yard.

Last Wednesday I made a meatloaf.

Then, I saw a pig fly.

Last night, a cow jumped over the moon.


True Story
(Ok. The pig and the cow were in a cartoon and a book. But the rest are true.)


There is one more thing, though, even more unbelievable and amazing .... that I want to holler from my rooftop. MY rooftop, people! OUR rooftop!


I was so excited that I made Ryan some Celebration Brownies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

You might think I'm just way too mushy-gushy when I say this, but seriously - this year... Best Valentine's Day Ever.

There were no chocolate hearts, no red roses, no jewelry, and no cheesy cards. Now, I am not anti-Valentines day in the least. I love this holiday! Ryan and I have had many dates at expensive restaurants, I've received my share of roses, and we've done the candy thing over and over. It was always wonderful. But this year, it was more than wonderful. It was magnificent!

We woke up really early, drove the kiddos to Westlake, picked up breakfast at the Corner Bakery, and took it to a nearby park. The park was empty except for some dog walkers, so we got to play with the boys, eat our breakfast, and enjoy the 80 degree sunshine of Southern California. We felt so lucky to be sharing the morning with our kids. Later on, Lucas got some time away with Gramey and Grampy, so we took Nathan out with us for lunch at In N Out and a couple quick errands. We all came home and had a quiet evening together. What could be better? I'll take our valentines day over diamonds, any day.
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