Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even Better Than Disneyland!

We decided to head down to the pier today and let Lucas play in the fountain outside of the Crown Plaza Hotel. But when we got there, the fountain wasn't running, so we resorted to plan B: play in the sand. Well, it turned out to be an adventure for Lucas, who as we discovered, is absolutely in love with the beach. I should have known - it encompasses all of his favorite things: water, rocks, sand, and open running space.
Here are some of our best photos from the beach today.
Walking along the promenade with Mama and Ruffy
What is this place Mom? There is sand everywhere!
Hmmnn, this looks interesting! I'm ready to explore!
Look at all that water...
I can't believe what I've been missing! Dada, can we stay here forever?
After a few tumbles, Mama and Daddy are getting wet too.
More water, more water!
Throwing rocks into the waves...
Can't... get... there... fast... enough!
Uh, oh... but he got right back up with a smile!
This is better than Disneyland, Dad!
The happiest kid on earth
headed towards the waves again
running, full speed ahead!
lovin' all the rocks!
playing airplane with Daddy
Feel the water between my toes!
Do we have to go home? I want to stay.... forever!

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  1. Soo cute and looks like you guys had a BLAST!!


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