Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is he ever going to come out?

I was 5 1/2 weeks early. My brother was 3 1/2 weeks early! I really thought I was going to have this little guy at least a couple weeks early, but no such luck... With 7 days left, I am as anxious as can be to meet this little boy! Maybe it’s cause Ryan was a few days late. But doesn’t my 5 1/2 weeks early counteract just a few days late? Shouldn’t we have had him by now? I thought maybe he’d be my Christmas present this year, but he decided to wait. Ryan’s mom is hoping he’ll be her birthday present and come tomorrow on New Year’s Eve. I’ve had a huge burst of energy today and everyone has predicted that happens right before labor... so who knows, it might happen!
I guess it really isn’t up to anyone but Lucas when he decides to come. We have family visiting who want him to come now, and friends who are leaving town just a couple more days who want to meet him. We have friends out of town too, who want him to wait till they get back. I just want him here, happy and healthy, sometime very soon because I don’t think I can grow much more.
For most of my pregnancy I got a lot of comments like “you’re so small”, “you barely look pregnant”, or “you don’t look that far along”. Now, everywhere I go - the checkers at the grocery store, or any other store I go to, or random people in public restrooms, all look at me and say “wow, you’re about to pop!” or “you’re REALLY pregnant!”, and everyone thinks they are being very original in telling me I should try to deliver the first baby of the new year.... I am getting more comments now that I have in the whole 9 months!
So, needless to say, I’m ready. Ryan is ready. Our parents are ready. His room is ready. EVERYTHING is ready. I’ve cooked, cleaned, organized, sewed blankets, bought diapers, tried to knit him something, cleaned again, organized again, baked again, and watched countless movies. I’m running out of things to do and just want to meet my son. But I am trying to be patient, I know that he will come when he is supposed to... I just hope that is soon!

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