Thursday, July 23, 2009

29 weeks

Saturday was the 29 week mark, I've been in the third trimester for a couple weeks now, and I'm definitely feeling it! This baby can shift my whole belly side to side, up and down, and he loves those sharp kicks in my ribs. I feel huge, but I know I'm just gonna get bigger.... for 11 more weeks!

The July heat has not been fun. Normally I love hot weather (well, hot for Ventura weather) but it is not the greatest feeling when pregnant. With Lucas I was at this stage in November/December, and leaving our window open all night long so the room would stay at 62 degrees, and we had air conditioning. This time, no air conditioning, July, ugh. Oh well, only a little while longer to go!
What am I going to do with Lucas when Nathan comes along???? Hmmmm.... one possible solution is below. What do you think?
Awwww, poor baby, he doesn't know what is coming his way in a couple more months!


  1. You look amazing!!! I think Lucas is going to be very helpful! :) Fun!!

  2. You look awesome! You are in the final stretch and I am just following....AHHH!!

  3. You look great!
    And I can't help but comment on your parting words about Lucas not even knowing what's coming in the next few months.

    The night Jillian was born I broke down and cried over all the changes Jack was about to experience. It was my mom that reminded me what I wasn't compromising his life by adding a baby to the family, I was giving him the most precious gift I had to offer- a sibling, a chance to grow emotionally, and a forever friend.

    You're giving Lucas an awesome gift, just remember that. The rest will fall into place with time.

  4. Thanks girls!

    Jodi, thanks for the perspective. I think about that all the time. I will probably be crying for the same reason when Nathan is born.

    I know it has been hard on lucas, having a sick and tired mommy for the first trimester, and now I have a hard time with long walks and park trips since I can barely breathe with this baby, so he has to miss out on a lot of fun stuff. I know he is going to love his brother and have so much fun down the road, and I have to remember how important that is for him. Thanks for your kind words.


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