Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nathan's Room

Here is the start to Nathan's room.....

I picked out some fabrics awhile ago, now I just have to get sewing. The blue one is for new cushions on the glider chair and also is going to be combined with the bird fabric for a quilt and little lovey blanket. I am thinking of making a car seat cover out of the bird fabric too. The yellow monkey flannel is going to just be some fun little burp cloths and maybe a small blanket. The white monkey print is a sheet from babies r us that we are using in the crib, and the cream colored terry cloth is going to be for some changing table covers.
Here is the crib we got at Ikea, it has a drawer underneath for storage, and we also got the canopy from Ikea too, couldn't resist since it fits with our animal theme, and it has leaves along the sides.
We found this red dresser that fits in great with the colors of the room, lots of space for little boy clothes! I picked out the round boxes as well, and we loved the green rug we found for the floor. Again, all Ikea.
And here is the changing table, it is portable, it folds up, and it has lots of pockets for all the baby supplies. We got the little hamper on the side as well. I'm going to make covers for it so I'm not sure how much of the black will show when it's all done.
And here's the glider we found on Craigslist! It's in great shape, I am just making some new cushion covers for it. We got the giant leaf at Ikea, the room is going to be like a jungle when we're done with it!


  1. Great! Now I want to go to Ikea. I've had that exact rug and dresser in mind for our place. The room is going to be super cute! I'm a big fan of monkeys!!

  2. No, now I want to go to Ikea! I love Ikea...and they have the some of the cutest stuff! Good eye Suzanne!!!!

  3. I love Ikea! I really wish we had one close by...we have to plan a whole day around going there. :)

  4. Really Really cute! I can not wait to see it in person! We are SLOWLY working on the baby's room... hope it turns out :)


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