Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The New Creative Hat = SHORT HAIR!

I'm heading to the salon for the first time in a year and a half.
This is a BIG deal folks. Around here, I barely get a shower, nonetheless a haircut.

We've been running around all day, I just left Ryan and with the kids dealing with an issue in the middle of the AT&T store, and I can't wait to relax. It's been really wintry weather (So Cal Winter) and I feel so thirsty, my skin is dry, and my lips are chapped.

I can't go to the salon like this. They will think I don't care about myself and I'll probably end up with a tawdry old mom haircut.

I look in my purse, I've got some lotion for my hands (thank goodness) but no chapstick. Seriously? What has my life come to? Forget lipstick or mascara, I don't even have any chapstick?

In the back of the car I have Rubbermaid bins with wipes, diaper cream, sunscreen, owie cream, spare clothes, hats, socks, and more. But I don't have chapstick.

Seriously Suzanne, take a minute and think about this. You need to start taking care of yourself!
I know this. I know I should spend more time on myself. But, well, it's just that, um, I have, well... TWO kids and a husband. They need me to take care of them. To make their lunches and snacks, to keep spares and extras of everything in the back of the car so they never go without what they need. But maybe, just maybe I could try and figure out how to bring a few things for myself as well? We'll see how it goes.

Next time I go to CVS I'll pick up some chapstick, maybe even some lip gloss. And this goes for all you girls out there. Buy yourselves a two dollar chapstick, it's okay, really!

If you're wondering what I did at the salon....... well, I went a bit crazy. After a 3 minute conversation with the stylist where certain words out of her mouth were "matronly" and "tired" I said GO FOR IT. Chop it off!

So, Josselyn chopped off my 18 month old frazzled mom hair and replaced it with something stylish, easy, and fun.

And it feels GLORIOUS!

The NEW look... with my creative hat on... :)

replaces the old pony tail. Yahoo!


  1. You look awesome!! YAY! I know I am 1.5 years overdo. I had the same thought yesterday...Bailey was looking all pretty and I was well, frumping, covered in spit up, and slobber. I need to pack "extras" for myself...good idea!!

  2. Whoo Hooo!!! Just could not be prouder of this 30 year old BEAUTY!

  3. Ohhh exciting times! I know the feeling, I feel like I ALWAYS look so tired and somewhat sloppy:) Can't wait to see it, you always look cute!


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