Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids treasure box

My high energy kid doesn't do well in restaurants, or long lines, or anywhere that he is not allowed to roam freely. I needed a solution. Coloring books don't work, his two year old brain just won't have it. I've tried distracting with snacks and juice, but that usually ruins dinner. I didn't want to spend any money (we have that thing called a mortgage now) so without running out and buying the latest and greatest electronic gadget, I came up with a solution!

I found a cute blue pencil box at the 99 cents store, and filled it with treasures I had around the house. We all have a junk drawer or basket somewhere in the house where we throw old party favors, McDonald's toys, and trinkets the kids get out of the quarter machines at the grocery store. They don't play with these toys at home, they just act as junk. Put them to use! They are the perfect solution when out and about, and when all packed up in a little treasure box, they are SO appealing you won't be able to take them away.


  1. Great idea! I wonder if Audrey will go for it...she's Miss Social Butterfly and likes to adopt other families while shopping at Target...

  2. p.s. Congrats on the mortgage! So happy for you guys!

  3. Thanks Laura! I can just see Audrey talking to everyone in the store. We usually get a lot of looks too, Lucas is constantly saying HI to everyone.


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