Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Green Bean Dance

This is what being pregnant does to me...

I am now too tired and too sick to care when Lucas dumps a can of green beans on the floor...

begins eating them and sharing them with Ruffy...

stomps on them until they are smashed into his pajamas and smeared everywhere...

but alas, I got a few moments without someone whining, biting, or pulling on me.


  1. Like I said, call when you need help! You will be fine and you will be an awesome mother of 2! I aspire to be a mommy like you :) Do not worry, God will not give you anything you do not have the strength to handle. Congrats again to Ryan, You and Lucas!

    Cindy :)

  2. You would not believe the amount of cheerios that get eaten by the dog and smashed into the carpet on a daily basis because I put handfulls of cheerios in random places where the babies can reach them. That kind of stuff gets you through the day!!!!! :)

  3. Thanks girls! Thanks for listening to my craziness right now. :-) and making me feel like I am somewhat normal!

  4. You are more than normal! No worries, I think we would all be doing the same thing, that is why I enjoy reading your blog, it is real!

  5. Too tired to care, but not too tired to document the whole thing and then post pictures on the internet? :)

    Just kidding. I do not see a problem at all with it. He had fun, right? If it entertained him for a little while and let you rest, I'm all for it! And then Ryan can clean it up when he gets home.


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