Monday, March 2, 2009

A little whining, and update stuff

Have you ever seen those antidepressant commercials where the depressed person is sitting on the couch with a blank stare, and the dog is sitting nearby with his leash in his mouth, or the kids are watching sadly from the side? The narration says "Depression Hurts... (fill in the blank medication) Can Help..." Well, I kind of feel like that these days, only it's not depression that is plaguing me. My phrase should be "First Trimester Hurts... Only Time Can Help". I seriously sat on the couch for 2/3 of the day today. Lucas and I made it out for an errand in the morning, and an errand in the afternoon (which is a record since I've been staying home pretty much every day) and the rest of the day I could barely move. The poor little guy was getting so frustrated with me, because when I tried to get up and entertain him, my body felt like it weighed about a thousand pounds and I sank back into the couch.

I am officially nine weeks and a couple days along. I am getting closer and closer to that dreamland that is the second trimester.... please come soon happy days, please! I don't want to compare my life to a sad commercial anymore!

So just an update since I haven't written in a week... I had to postpone the GM blog again - Surprise! Every night I try to sit down and work on the last few things I need to do, and I am either too nauseous or too tired to look at my computer and try to use my brain. It is taking much longer than I thought, and I want it to be GREAT, so I am giving myself more time... as of now, two more weeks. Next week I'll start posting daily, and the following week I will start the Giveaway Week. If anyone is interested in being a test subscriber for me for next week, let me know, I would appreciate feedback from you!


  1. I will be a test person...I really hope you feel better!! I know you will be up and going soon :) You are a trooper and do not compare yourself to those awful commercials--you are pregnant and what could be more beautiful?! (I know it does not seem soo beautiful huh?)

  2. I'll be a test person too. Remember the Paxil bean guy? The little round guy with the black cloud over his head? I totally used to think I was that guy. Poor sad little bean. haha! (I got over it.)

  3. Doh! Jenny again, I need to start using my own computer.

  4. Thanks girls! I will send you the info in an email.


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