Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whatever happened to the meal planning adventure?

So I was taking the online meal planning course.... downloaded it and following the lesson plan. I was trying really hard, and I was motivated. But... I couldn't take it anymore.

This poor, poor girl, the one who created the whole thing.... I think she is living in another world. I just sort of laughed to myself when she said to ask your husband what he likes to eat, and menu plan with those dishes. I figured, eh, I'll do that, and I'll include some dishes for him, but I'm also going to include some dishes for me. Then, it got worse. Once we got into the couponing part, I couldn't keep reading.

First of all, she instructed everyone to (and I am paraphrasing here) ask your husband before you start to devote time to couponing. Make sure that he wants you to be spending your time this way, make sure what you are doing honors him... Maybe he doesn't want you to lower your food budget, maybe he wants you to spend your time in other ways...

So, what I've learned is that this woman really does live in another universe. She actually lives in Kansas, and well, maybe this is normal for Kansas, but it is not normal in my realm of the world. That night, I tried to keep a straight face, and I "asked Ryan if he would like me to spend my time couponing"... I was laughing before I finished talking, and I explained to him what I had been reading. He was as appalled as I was!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my husband and I want to make him happy, and honor him always... but this does not mean that I am treating him like the almighty god of our household. I have a life, and an opinion of my own. We actually have a marriage where we feel we are each other's equals. I feel sorry for this poor woman who lives her life this way. But, she seems happy, so to each his own, I suppose.

Anyway, I am taking away a bit of meal planning skills, but I think I'm going to learn my couponing skills elsewhere...


  1. Whoah. That lady is psycho. Not to judge her or anything...

  2. Wow! How intense is that! If I asked Tony that, like you I could not keep a straight face, and he would probably say something like, "Cindy do whatever you need to do!" and would start laughing at me!!

  3. I told Chad and he was like what? I do ask Chad what he would like to eat now and then, when I am out of ideas. I don't even think he knows what I do half the time.


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