Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Backpack!

Here it is!  My never worn, too small dress - reincarnated into an awesome little boys backpack.

I used an old receiving blanket as the inner liner rather than interfacing, and stitched the whole thing with bright orange thread for some added color.  The pocket on the back was one of the lower dress pockets.  The straps were made from the belt.  I cut the side piece from the dress waistband so there are little loops all the way around the backpack.  I'm thinking we can add some hooks and clips and other fun boy toys to customize even more. 

Friends, this was SO easy!!  I did the whole thing in just a couple hours.   I used this pattern, but tweaked it a lot for my own liking. 

The only thing I still want to add is a little Velcro closure.  The backpack hangs open when weighed down by lots of little treasures. 

And we did find lots of treasures to fill it up.


  1. Love it! It looks so good. I bet he found lots of treasures to keep inside!


  2. That is so fantastic! I'm going to send you all my impulse buys gone bad so you can make them into awesome things!

  3. That is awesome! Great job!!

  4. WOW...great recycling idea, such creativity and talent. I love the pictures...Lucas is the perfect little model. I love the close up of his hand, back of his neck and blowing the wisher. Yes, I am his Gramey, but still...

  5. So cute! I love the orange stitching.


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