Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Potty Trainers Beware

Let me just apologize right now.  As a stay at home mom of a baby and a toddler, I don't get out much.  And maybe I've forgotten what socially acceptable conversation consists of.  Or maybe my brain can't handle more than eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  This is another "bathroom" story.  

We are on week four of no diapers for Lucas.  He is doing great.  The only thing is, he doesn't quite get the germ factor.  At home, he has to remove all clothes from the waist down, and sits on the potty, hands all over the seat, leaning back and forth as he sings and talks about what he is doing.  I let him.  I also disinfect the toilet at least three times a day (obsessive, I know.  but those little hands touch EVERYTHING). 

The potty is absolutely fascinating to Lucas.  And what's even more fascinating is that there are potty's everywhere!  AND his mischevious two year old brain has discovered that mommy drops everything when he says he has to go.  Needless to say, we've visited the restroom in every restaurant, park, and store we have shopped at in the last month.  

Back to my story.  This morning, we are at Jamba Juice getting a treat for Lucas after his chickenpox vaccine.  Two seconds after ordering our drinks, he tells me he has to go.  Okay.  I glance at the restroom door.  Looks like a decent size restroom, I can wheel Nathan (in the stroller) in there and help Lucas go through his little routine.  "Let's go", I say.  We get in the door and are greeted by a crusty yellow speckled toilet seat, and a wet slimy floor.  This restroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned in days.  Just as Lucas' hands are about to come into contact with about thirty seven different diseases, I shout "no! it's dirty!".  I suddenly remember that I am prepared for this very moment.  I actually have, in my purse, a travel size disinfectant spray (thank you target).  I whip it out, and use about half the can on the toilet seat, wipe it down, layer two seat protectors on it, and plop Lucas on top.  He pees.  Success!  I glance at the sink.  Almost as bad as the toilet.  I use the other half of the can on the sink, we wash our hands, and we walk out.  A proud mommy moment.  Yep, I'm really getting good at this mom thing.  I better stop by target tomorrow for some more disinfectant spray.  

If you LOVE my Poo stories, and you know you do, check me out today on This Adventure, Our Life!  I am a guest blogger for my friend Cindy.  She is a new mommy, and has a wonderful blog about her adorable baby Bailey, as well as some really great info/tutorials on Cloth Diapering and other green projects.  Thanks Cindy!


  1. Who doesn't like poo stories? Actually, I'm quite fond of your poo stories and also have a fondness for pee and throw up stories too. :-)

    I've been keeping up with your blog via RSS feed and I think I've been missing all the fun transformations it's taken. I like the current background. Super cute!

  2. Ha! I remember those days of having to visit every single bathroom in every single store/restaurant we visited. And I understand the cringing at the less than desirable facilities. Way to go with the pocket disinfectant...I have to get some of that!

  3. I remember this stage with various kids I've taken care of, when they were in the still wearing a pull up but using the toilet almost all the time stage, it was so hard to not just say "this bathroom is gross, pee in your diaper!" The worst was when I used to take 3 kids to swim lessons at the YMCA....they all wore wetsuits (so they needed help unzipping) and one of them was always having to go to the bathroom. They were too little to leave two of them in the pool and only take one, so I was constantly taking them all out. Wanted to say "all the other kids are peeing in the pool! Just pee in the pool!" Yep, if hell exists, I'm pretty sure that is what its like.

  4. Oh you are so funny! And I'm so jealous! 4 weeks without diapers??? Oh to be where you are. We're still in pull ups and it's s-l-o-w going. Love your stories... keep em coming.

  5. Yeah, I am pretty sure when we potty train Bailey I will have the travel size sanitizer, hand sanitizer and wipes at my disposal!! I do not want to be scared of germs, but I know what you mean those public restrooms are NASTY!! Thanks for the nice words!

  6. B- thanks, glad you are checking out the website too! I'll have to tell you an extra special poo story, one that is even too bad for the blog. :)

    Maegan, the pocket disinfectant is wonderful! Up and Up brand from target, in the travel section.

    Jenny M, you have me beat... seriously. I would probably just avoid the ymca altogether. Ugh.

    Jenny, Hang in there! I know how frustrating it can be to deal with the pull ups. These boys, huh? They have their own time lines...

    Cindy, you will get so used to the germs as Bailey grows. My former childless self would be utterly disgusted at the things I do now without a second thought. :) Motherhood...


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