Monday, June 7, 2010

Life's a Picnic

So today's boot camp theme is Picnic.  I was excited to take the boys outside and have a little picnic snack, snap some cute photos, and play for awhile.  That didn't happen.  The closest I got was pulling the picnic basket down from the shelf in the garage.  Life sort of got in the way today.  But, I did have a few minutes in the afternoon, light was perfectly shining in the living room windows, and again on our front patio around dinner time.  I brought out the blanket, and got a few shots.  Again, all shot in manual.... and I'm wondering why my pictures are so grainy?  Oh well, trying again tomorrow!  

Here are my photos, with a little less literal meaning of the word "picnic".  I think I'll go with "Life's a Picnic".  Enjoy!


  1. Answering my own question.... it's my ISO - set WAY too high!

  2. I love the feet poking out...too cute!


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