Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little Music, Some Heavy Metal, and a lot of Growth

A couple nights ago I was watching Glee with my husband.  It is one of my (our) favorite shows to watch together.  The music is so engaging, and the plot is addicting.  We just can't get enough of it.  For me, it is about the music - seeing and feeling the emotional connection the characters have to the songs, and remembering my own high school and college years, and my own collection of meaningful music from that time. 
On the season finale a couple nights ago, they performed a collection of Journey songs.  The first one - Faithfully.  Goosebumps covered my arms as I listened to the opening verse.  I love this song!  It takes me back to my far far past.  I remember sitting in the back seat of my parents car, driving home from Santa Monica along PCH, staring at the beautiful ocean, the sunset, the people down on the beach, and listening to that song.  Thinking about how someday, I would meet the love of my life, and walk along that beach with him.  Thinking that someday, the words to that song would mean something to me, and I would be able to relate to the emotions I heard in their voices.  Now, I didn't marry a musician, but I can still relate to that song.  The love.  The "Forever Yours".  It is classic in my book. 

I'm thinking I'm going to go back and make my own "mixed tape" playlist of all those songs that I remember having a connection to when I was young.  I don't listen to those songs enough anymore.  But when one pops up, like it did on Glee this week, I love the goosebumps!

Here are days Four and Five photos and assignments for Creativity Boot Camp!

Day Four: Heavy Metal
This one was easy for me.  The first thing I thought of was my wedding rings.  Well, other than the idea of dressing Lucas up in some white face paint and a black wig....  didn't think he'd go for that though!

Day Five: Grow
This one was so much fun!  Honestly, I had to stop myself.  Having two little ones in the house, I feel like everything around me symbolizes the word "Grow".  My favorite shot though, is the one of the stick figures on our sliding glass door.

If you're still here..... here's a video of "Faithfully" from 1983.


  1. We just watched our first episode of Glee (the one with Neil Patrick Harris.) It was pretty awesome!! I love Journey so much, "Faithfully" is the best song!

  2. I love the photo with the pear and your ring :)! I do not watch Glee but I do LOVE Journey (it is on the IPOD!) Love all the photos, good job!

  3. I may be the only one not to have seen Glee yet but can I just say how much I lOVE Journey and Faithfully? Ahhhh....yes, I am a child of the 70's and 80's and proud of it! : )
    Great pictures here!


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