Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Date

This year for Valentine's Day we did not go to a fancy dinner, no roses, no wine....

We ate Corralles, and we loaded Lucas up in the hiking backpack and took a walk around the Ventura Harbor.
We peeked in all the windows at the V-day couples, the young ones all dressed up, the "old married" ones (like us) in jeans and sweatshirts.

I remembered past Valentine's dates at restaurants like the Ranch House and Dukes Malibu, or the fresh lobster Ryan cooked for me two years ago when we were still living in his parents guest house.

Times sure have changed, but the spirit of Valentine's Day hasn't. I am very much in love with my wonderful husband, and my amazing son, and our little walk around the harbor was the perfect way to celebrate the night.

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  1. That sounds like fun! Tony and I have had "fancy" valentines and anniversaries and other times we have just hung around! I think the best thing is to enjoy time together no matter how it is spent!!


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