Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weird Cravings, updates, and stuff

All my energy for the past week has been going to the garden memories blog.... it will be ready VERY soon! I am hoping to launch it on Monday.... hoping.... so stay tuned!

I have been getting requests for speck 2.0 updates.... So... Saturday will be 8 weeks! I am still sick, but dealing with it better thanks to the wonderful medicine from my doctors, lots of love and attention from my wonderful hubby, and extra help from our parents.

I have had more weird cravings this time around...

I HAD to have PF Changs last week so Ryan drove to T.O. after work to pick it up for me.

A couple days ago I NEEDED McDonald's fries at 11pm, even though I hadn't had them in about two years. Ryan got me those as well, along with a Chocolate Shake. :-)

We were watching Burn Notice on tv last week and one of the guys was drinking martinis with huge olives and all of a sudden I needed Olives! We didn't have any, but I survived. I didn't want to make Ryan run to the store - again!

I have been eating my parents pickles every time I visit, for some reason they taste different than ours.

But most of all, I have been craving veggies. All day long, I want salad, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and I want it all covered in ranch dressing. We've gone through a Costco size thing of Hidden Valley Ranch and are half way through the second one... ugh.

My jeans already don't fit. I can't zip them up, so I'm wearing the bella bands again, and my maternity jeans already! I feel like I have a new wardrobe again after trying on all the maternity clothes I hadn't seen in a year. Hopefully they all still fit me in 6 months!

We are trying to figure out what to do for this baby's room... no decoration plans until we know the gender, but currently the room is my office. There is junk everywhere as I am trying to go through it and figure out where it is all going to go. I am going to miss my pretty office. I don't want to move in with Ryan... his office is full of computers and wires and lots of monitors and guy stuff... it smells like iguana in there! I am thinking of making an office in the dining room - we moved the table out and it would be easy to set up a desk, and then I could watch lucas play while I work... who knows, we have time to figure it out I guess...

That's all for today. I am headed to the kitchen to eat a popcicle, or hmmmnn, bologna sounds good... another thing I haven't had in years! What made me think or that? Lucas, we may have to walk to the store today.


  1. Look on etsy at the SUPER cute vinyl wall decals. Baby room needs some!

  2. I like watching the evolution of your blog as you discover new tools, like different fonts and colors. I imagine listening to you speak the words and sentences with different degrees of emphasis.

  3. lol, now I'm laughing when I change my font colors...

  4. I can not wait to see what you choose for Speck 2.0-You know how I love to decorate!! Are you finding out if speck 2.0 will be a boy or girl or will it be a surprise? I am glad to hear the meds are helping a little at least and your photos of Lucas are sooo cute!


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